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factoria nishiogi

【Meetup】Blockchain in Real Estate


2018年4月07日 18:30 – 21:30

factoria nishiogi, 日本、〒167-0042 東京都杉並区西荻北2丁目3−9


Qwikwire will be in Tokyo,Japan to talk about their blockchain powered real estate platform for brokers and property developers, AQWIRE, as a part of their Asia Tour. Scott Yu, Qwikwire's co-founder and Blockchain Developer, will be there to answer questions from the community.

The use of blockchain technology has practical applications for international real estate related services such as multiple listings facilitating payments and more. Blockchain is a network shared ledger system secured cryptographically and maintained by independent parties. It enables the AQWIRE platform seamless and integrated access to multiple listing services worldwide.

We'll invite property developers and brokers, blockchain and tech nerds, devs, futurists, and newbies to discuss with us how blockchain can revolutionize the Cross-border Real Estate in Asia.

We will have one short presentation followed by Q&As and networking.

・Blockchain in general: How does it work and where is it used already?

・Is Blockchain a hype or an advanced technology?

・How Blockchain is transforming the way we buy properties around the world?


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